Ecosystem for developing
and financing projects
in the artificial intelligence space
Venture Fund
Technology Company
Invests in technologies, teams and projects in the AI space;
Supplements and takes advantage of the technology company's data

Develops AI technologies;
Creates and compiles data for AI technologies;
Operates the data management platform (DMP), DigiU's key innovation.

Specializing in project development and financing.
Working towards creating a digital copy of the human persona and a habitat for its existence, integrating the person into the digital world.

The technological base of the company
The first stage of development is laying a foundation for an environment in which data gathering, analysis, and learning can take place based on the data prepared for DigiU's artificial intelligence.
Data Managment
Big Data and Data Science are the two fields of inquiry that underpin the processes of data collection and the subsequent application of machine learning models to those datasets. The key tools used in these processes are the Data Management Platform (DMP) and the Machine Learning Framework (MLF).
Core system
Big Data (ETL, DWH, BI)
Data Science (ML/AI)
Machine Learning
Overview of Big Data technologies
System level storage: HDFS
App level storage: Hive, HBase, GreenPlum, Cassandra
ETL: Kafka + M-R apps + NiFi processors
Processing: Hadoop stack (M-R, Spark, YARN)
Containerization: Docker + Helm + Kubernetes
Monitoring: Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus
BI with analytic: Qlick, Tableau, Power BI
Overview of Data Science technologies
Frameworks: KubeFlow + AutoML, TensorFlow, Keras, Deeplearning4j, Caffe, XGBoost
Ready-made network architectures and pretrained networks based on them: MobileNetV2, Yolov3, EfficientNet, and others
Overview of existing data sources
Open sources (examples):
COCO (Microsoft)
Google audioset
Visual genome
Billion words
2000 HUB5 English
Evaluation Transcripts
Sealed sources:
audience segments,
advertising campaigns
on various bases.
The ecosystem encompasses fields of technology that factor into the development of the digital persona. Each field contains an array of subsystems that function as autonomous services and apps which have the potential for rapid growth in user base and investment. The Ecosystem.
The Ecosystem
DigiU monetizes technologies in the following fields:
Computer vision
Natural language processing
Predictive analytics
Speech technologies
Speech technologies
Example of a technology and path to monetization
Telephone customer service conducted by AI
Intelligent voice assistant
Increasing productivity through voice commands
Predictive analytics
Example of a technology and path to monetization
Consumer demand forecasting
Client recommendation systems
AI for trading on exchanges
Example of a technology and path to monetization
Finding perpetrators through facial recognition
Remote proof of identity
Identifying human silhouettes and behaviors

Natural language processing

Example of a technology and path to monetization
Understanding meaning for conversations with humans
Extracting specific information from data streams
Creating social media content
Detection and diagnosis of medical conditions

Example of a technology and path to monetization
Facial recognition time clock for employees
Computer vision
Product identification
Обработка ествественного языка
Пример разработки и монетизации
Понимание смысла информации
для ведения диалога с человеком
Извлечение конкретной информации
из потока данных
Создание контента для соц. сетей
Identifying objects through computer vision technology. Download free in the App Store and Google Play.
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"Computer vision"
Growth in the share price as new products enter the project in the context of a unified ecosystem of the digital persona, leading to an IPO

Monetizing specific technologies, bringing to market products and services related to them

From bringing on new partners
From growth in market cap
From growth in stock price
From company profits
From sales of company products
From their data
Raising capital for the ecosystem
Earnings for investors:
The annual growth of the Artificial Intelligence market
31% per year
$52.5 billion
The total size of the AI technologies market, according to the Frost & Sullivan estimate for 2022
Widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies
$15.7 trillion
Growth of the global market of goods and services by 2030
Advantages of the AI market:
Panel at the AI Journey 2019 conference on the development and adoption of artificial intelligence
Aggregating data and bringing to market a variety of services will lead to a more than 10,000% growth in the stock price in a five year period
Generate passive income: stockholders receive 50% of all profits from the company's products
Fast-growing market cap
Dividend earnings
Advantages for investors
Our mission and responsibility:
  • To help people adapt to the digital world and disseminate knowledge about the capabilities and potential of AI
  • Teach digital literacy
  • Create jobs for DigiU partners

Each person, as a generator of data, must be the primary beneficiary of value gained from that data

Our approach
Q1 - Project launch.
Crowdinvesting begins.
Q1. Q2 - Establishing a material base and bringing together the team.
Q3.Q4 - DMP and MLF development begins. In-house platform testing.
Q1.Q3 - Launch of pre-trained networks and other models.
Q4 - DMP and MLF prototypes ready. Technologies released to pre-production.
Q1 - DPM and MLF put to use.
Q2 - Release of generative, predictive, recommendation, and segmentation services and tools based on DPM and MLF
Q3 - Automated search and testing of models and services for use.
Q4 - DPM and MLF platform ready.
Q1.Q2 - Bringing to market DMP and MLF-based products and services. First dividends paid out.
Project roadmap